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Lakhotia first came to me six months back with the idea of making an aluminium bat.
They were making their way home through the Bucktown district when they were beaten with an aluminium bat before their handbags were stolen.
It is indeed surprising how the MCC, which had years ago turned down Dennis Lillee's attempt to use an aluminium bat and the Swiss cheese bat with holes drilled into the blade for aerodynamic purposes, cleared this bat.
Symonds says cricketing bodies should act fast, either tinkering with rules or schedules, to ensure 50-over cricket doesn"t go the same way as the aluminium bat.
Then there was the aluminium bat he used in a Test against England in Perth in 1979, the on-field incident with Pakistan's Javed Miandad in Perth in 1981, and the famous bet on the outcome of the Headingley Test in 1981 to name but three instances.
The South Armagh woman's condition was described as stable but critical last night two days after being attacked by a thug who beat her about the head with the aluminium bat in the early hours of Friday morning.