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If the military should ever allow a non-JP8 fuel on the battlefield, Shah said he sees great promise in aluminum hydride, also known as "alane.
One of the most promising materials, sodium aluminum hydride (NaAl[H.
Washington, July 7 (ANI): Researchers at the US Department of Energy's Savannah River National Laboratory (SNRL) have created a reversible route to generate aluminum hydride, a high capacity hydrogen storage material.
Just 3 mm x 3 mm x 1 mm, the fuel cell generates hydrogen by pushing water vapor through a lithium aluminum hydride membrane.
In fact, using isobutyl aluminum hydride, we have succeeded in the rapid, highly selective, low environmental load production of various kinds of aldehydes as intermediate materials for curative medicines from various kinds of esters.
According to FSEC, Slattery, a graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology and the first woman to win the FSEC award, has pursued hydrogen storage innovations using magnesium hydride, lanthanum magnesium hydride and lithium aluminum hydride.
In the first of the project's two phases, scientists and engineers will analyze various storage tank designs and components that are based around sodium aluminum hydride, aka sodium alanate.
Ingredients may include ephedrine, sodium hydroxide, red phosphorus, sulfuric acid, lithium, aluminum hydride, chloroform, alcohols, ethers, mercuric chloride, and hydrochloric acid.
This bicyclic amide-imine has been reduced with lithium aluminum hydride to 1,7-diazabicyclo[4.
Using this microreactor, the Research Institute has succeeded in producing aldehydes from esters and isobutyl aluminum hydride in a rapid, highly-selective and less environmentally demanding manner.
General Motors Corporation (GM) and Sandia National Laboratories recently announced the launch of a four-year, $10-million program to codevelop and test tanks that store hydrogen in sodium aluminum hydride, with the goal of developing "a pre-prototype, solid-state hydrogen storage tank that would store more hydrogen onboard than other hydrogen storage methods currently in use.