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A I agree with your Realtor friend; factory-painted aluminum siding such as yours can be of high quality and it would a shame to dispose of it.
The fungus won't hurt your aluminum siding, nor will it degrade wood siding.
It isn't likely that thieves who steals aluminum siding will shop regionally for the best price.
The water-based NeverFade Universal Primer adheres to a wide variety of substrates, including wood, stucco, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, masonry and cement panels.
Thieves have brazenly removed copper sheeting from an onion-domed orthodox church in Cleveland, stolen several window air conditioning units from the same building and removed aluminum siding from single-family homes.
Matt Kripke of Kripke Enterprises Inc., a Toledo-based brokerage, says that the UBC market and related over-the-scale markets like painted aluminum siding should remain fairly steady.
* Handles bulky materials including waste wood, drywall, pallets, vinyl and aluminum siding, insulation and concrete chunks
COMMODITIES RECYCLED: UBCs, aluminum siding and sheet; light copper; insulated wire