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mountain, Iran: see AlwandAlwand
or Alvand
, mountain, c.11,600 ft (3,540 m) high, W Iran. It bears cuneiform inscriptions of Darius I and Xerxes I.
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The mission of the 36th fleet started after the 35th flotilla of warships, comprised of Alvand destroyer and Bandar Abbas logistic warship, returned to Iran at the end of its mission in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.
In general, slope of Hamadan city is from south to north and based on slope of Alvand foots.
Khandmir on the first day of the reign of Shah Ismail stated: "When Shah Ismail killed Alvand Mirza r in building and came to Tabriz, the official decision was the result of the implementation of this policy that famous Shia Imams of Shiites rise over the pulpit "(Khandmir, 1334: 467-468) Rumlu also stated:" in the early accession of the countries that were powerful sermon duodenum Imams (AS) .
IDT) Acquires Alvand Technologies and NXP's high-speed data converter assets II-34 Dialog Semiconductor Permits Licensing of ARM Cortex-M0 processor II-34
Nasr Oil Platform deputy director Sadeq Tavasoli commented "The output of Alvand oilfield in the Persian Gulf will be increase to 22,000 barrels per day from the current 11,000 by March 20, 2015.
The missile destroyer Changchun and missile frigate Changzhou were guided into the harbor by Iran's frigate Alvand, the People's Liberation Army Daily reported.
Kumar D, Alvand A, Beacon JP Impingement of infrapatellar fat pad (Hoffa's disease): results of high-portal arthroscopic resection.
The flotilla includes Alvand destroyer, Shamshir missile-launcher warship, Bushehr logistic vessel, AB212 helicopter carriers and Safir-3 tugboats, IRNA news agency reported, citing Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Navy for Operations Admiral Siyavash Jarreh.
The IOOC managing director further stated that Siri Island covers the Dena, Sivand, Esfand, Alvand and Mobarak oil fields as well as the Nosrat oil field, which lies 28 kilometers (17 miles) south of the island.
52, Alvand Ave, Argantine Square, Tehran, Iran; 0098-21-88779118; fax: 0098-21-88779487.
Taqipour, who also commanded the operating units, further said Iran's Alvand destroyer, Larak medical ship, a fix-wing navy aircraft, an AB chopper, and a BH7 hovercraft joined Oman's Nasr Al Bahr warship and helicopter in the drills.
The first mission to Syria by Kharg and frigate Alvand , in February 2011, had aroused the concern of Israel, which had put its navy on alert, while Washington warned of the Iranian ships not to carry out any action that might harm security " .