Pedro Álvares Cabral

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Pedro Álvares Cabral
BirthplaceBelmonte, Portugal
Fleet commander for the Kingdom of Portugal

Cabral, Pedro Alvares


Born circa 1467; died circa 1520. Portuguese navigator.

In 1500, Cabral was appointed commander of a fleet that was to sail to India following Vasco da Gama’s route. Sailing south from the Cape Verde Islands, Cabral strayed far from his path toward the west and on Apr. 22, 1500, at 17° S lat., discovered a land that he mistook for islands and named it the Land of the True Cross. (That same year it was renamed Holy Cross, and a few years later the unofficial name of Brazil became firmly established.) Cabral sailed toward the Cape of Good Hope and in the middle of September 1500 reached India near the city of Calicut. He destroyed Calicut for its refusal to trade with the Portuguese and concluded agreements favorable to Portugal with the neighboring ports of Cochin and Cannanore. By January 1500 he had left the country, and at the end of July he returned to Portugal with a valuable load of Indian goods. The sale of these goods covered the expenses for the expedition more than twice over.


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Pedro Alvares Cabral couldn't get off the boat in Brazil, because he might have been carrying smallpox, measles, the flu or other foreign plagues.
At midday, the NRP Alvares Cabral was seen around 11km north east of Amlwch on Anglesey, having travelled westwards from Liverpool on its wayto Portugal.
When he ran the report by me I asked, Were there people in Brazil when Alvares Cabral arrived?
1500: Navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil and claimed it on behalf of Portugal.
The combined efforts exerted by EU NAVFOR, the Combined Task Force, the United Kingdom Marine Trade Operations, and the NATO Navy; the best-management practices followed by the vessels; and the precautions taken by those engaged in the shipping industry have helped to reduce the piracy activity in the region," Commodore Jorge Novo Palma, Force Commander of Operation Atalanta, told Times of Oman aboard NRP Alvares Cabral, the current flagship of the mission.
Nayze Lucena Sangreman Aldeman *, Lize Maciel Guimaraes, Monica Maria Demas Alvares Cabral
The first European to land in Brazil was Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral, who arrived on April 22, 1500.
This is since Pedro Alvares Cabral first popped ashore in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century, followed by a host of tourists and sightseers, conveniently dressed for carnival - that is, wearing helmets and armour and carrying swords and shields
On this map, Catigara is shown on the eastern coast of the Sinus Magnus, at 8 1/2[degrees] South, and Terra Sancta Crucis (Brazil) discovered by Pedro Alvares Cabral in April 1500, is shown as a separate, southern continent.
The original researcher, who died unexpectedly, was attempting to resolve whether Pedro Alvares Cabral had discovered Brazil accidentally or had prior knowledge of its existence and location.
Cuando el navegante Pedro Alvares Cabral atraco en 1500 en lo que hoy se conoce como Puerto Seguro, la region estaba poblada por los indios tupiniquim, una de las tribus del grupo tupf-guarani que ocupababuena parte del litoral de Brasil en esa epoca.
In fact, on that exact year a man by the name of Pedro Alvares Cabral took his Portuguese expedition to India too far westward and ended up in the area we now call Brazil.