Alvaro Obregón

Obregón, Alvaro


Born Feb. 19, 1880, in Siquisiva, in the state of Sonora; died July-17, 1928, in Mexico City. Mexican political and military leader during the Revolution of 1910–17; general. President of Mexico from 1920 to 1924.

Obregón’s government supported the bourgeoisie and bourgeois landowners, but it also pursued, albeit inconsistently, a policy that served the national interest. It carried out agrarian reforms, adopted anticlerical measures, attempted to restrict foreign capital, and strove to follow an independent course in foreign policy. In 1924 it established diplomatic relations with the USSR. However, Obregón’s government also suppressed revolutionary demonstrations by workers and peasants. In 1928, Obregón was again elected to the presidency, but he was assassinated before taking office.