Alzhappar Abishev

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Abishev, Al’zhappar


Born Sept. 15, 1907. Soviet Kazakh writer. Member of the CPSU since 1939.

Abishev had worked in the mines of Karaganda. His novella People Who Have Translated Their Dream Into Reality (1938) depicts the Kazakh national liberation movement on the eve of the October Revolution. The main themes in Abishev’s works are the pioneering work of the miners, military exploits, and the friendship and love of Soviet youth. He wrote the novel The Young Generation (1945), the short stories Tulegen Tokhtarov (1942) and Sarzhan (1944), and plays including The Guard of Honor (with M. O. Auezov, 1942), The Mountain Eagles (1943), Friendship and Love (1947), The United Family (1948), The Father’s Verdict (1952), Envy (1955), and The Dreamers (1960). He has been awarded three orders.


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