Amalitskii, Vladimir

Amalitskii, Vladimir Prokhorovich


Born July 1 (13), 1860, in Stariki, Volynskaia Province; died Dec. 15, 1917, in Kislovodsk. Russian geologist and paleontologist.

Amalitskii was graduated from St. Petersburg University in 1883. In 1890 he became a professor at the University of Warsaw and in 1908, the director of the Polytechnical Institute in Warsaw. Amalitskii’s discovery in 1896 and excavations (1899–1914) of the north Dvina fauna of amphibians and reptiles of the Permian period were very important in reconstituting the development of vertebrates in Russia. Numerous remnants of this fauna (skeletons, skulls, and individual bones) form the north Dvina gallery of the Paleontology Museum of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow; this is one of the world’s biggest and best collections of ancient vertebrate fauna.


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