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(əməpä`), state (1991 pop. 373,994), 53,013 sq mi (137,304 sq km), extreme N Brazil, bounded on the N by French Guiana and the Atlantic Ocean. Macapá is the capital. Fishing is an important activity in Amapá; nuts and timber are produced.



(1) Amapa Territory is an administrative unit in northeast Brazil. Area, 140,300 sq km. Population in 1967, 103,000. Administrative center, Macapa. Amapa is primarily a plain, covered with tropical rain forests. Its chief products are hardwood, Brazil nuts, and hevea sap; there are manganese deposits.

(2) Amapa is a major area of manganese ore deposits in Amapa Territory, Brazil. The ore has a manganese content of 46 percent and more. Almost half of the stocks of the exploiting company belong to the US concern Bethlehem Steel Corporation. A railroad connects Amapa and the port Macapa.

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Historically, the incorporation of Amapa to Brazil begins in 1901 according to the Swiss Report.
The study area is located in the extreme north of the state of Amapa, at the Brazil-French Guiana border, and includes the municipalities of Calcoene and Oiapoque (Fig.
1 indicates the 13 localities from which these were collected in Amapa (6 localities, 18 individuals), Para (2 localities, 12 specimens), French Guiana (4 localities, 6 specimens), and Suriname (1 locality, 1 specimen).
Este artigo, ancorado na producao cientifica de Ab'Saber e Becker, apresenta uma descricao fitogeografica dos ecossistemas do Amapa associada ao estabelecimento de areas protegidas, bem como analisa a dinamica demografica e socioeconomica amapaense, com enfase no processo de urbanizacao e no indice de desenvolvimento humano municipal (IDH-M).
All of the nematode species observed are phytoparasites and to our knowledge, this is the first time they have been reported to occur in fruit trees in the state of Amapa.
The Kocuria genus was detected in the Amazon and Amapa state, but apparently, absent in the Acre state.
Para tres UF foi observada tendencia estacionaria e nas demais houve tendencia de reducao, sendo as taxas de reducao media anual mais elevadas observadas nas UF: Distrito Federal (-3,08%), Amapa (-2,52%), Santa Catarina (-2,14%), Rio de Janeiro (-2,04%) e Espirito Santo (-2,01%).
Country: BrazilSector: Metals/MiningTarget: The Amapa iron ore businessBuyer: Zamin Ferrous LtdVendor: Anglo American PlcDeal size in USD: 264mType: DivestmentStatus: Closed
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 4, 2013-Anglo American closes sale of Amapa iron ore business to Zamin(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
One firm beating the downward trend was Anglo American following the announcement it had agreed revised terms for the sale of Amapa, its iron ore operation in Brazil.