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(əməpä`), state (1991 pop. 373,994), 53,013 sq mi (137,304 sq km), extreme N Brazil, bounded on the N by French Guiana and the Atlantic Ocean. Macapá is the capital. Fishing is an important activity in Amapá; nuts and timber are produced.



(1) Amapa Territory is an administrative unit in northeast Brazil. Area, 140,300 sq km. Population in 1967, 103,000. Administrative center, Macapa. Amapa is primarily a plain, covered with tropical rain forests. Its chief products are hardwood, Brazil nuts, and hevea sap; there are manganese deposits.

(2) Amapa is a major area of manganese ore deposits in Amapa Territory, Brazil. The ore has a manganese content of 46 percent and more. Almost half of the stocks of the exploiting company belong to the US concern Bethlehem Steel Corporation. A railroad connects Amapa and the port Macapa.

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Amapa State has 16 municipalities, but the selection of the network of points followed the tradition of Dialectology.
This research contributes to the advance of knowledge on frugivorous flies, their host plants, and associated parasitoids in the extreme north of Amapa State, Brazil.
The Klebsiella genus was present in the Acre and Amapa state, but it is not dismissed the possibility that it would be present in the collected area of the Amazon state.
Amapa state judge Jose Magno Linhares Moraes gave three others suspended sentences for their part in the killing, which occurred during a robbery attempt in December on the Amazon river near Macapa, 1,800 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro.
Gonzalo will be going to Brasilia and Amapa state to formally kick-off the process and carry out the Company's property objectives.
Wild plant species were identified with identification keys and by comparison with specimens available at the Herbario Amapaense, the herbarium at the Amapa State Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (Macapa, Amapa, Brazil).
Mammals of Amapa State, Eastern Brazilian Amazonia: A revised taxonomic list with comments on species distributions.
Thanks to International Conservation (CI-Brasil), to Global Conservation Fund and to the Fundacao Gordon and Betty Moore, together with Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity Conservation--(ICMBio--AP) and to Amapa State Government for the financial support for the implementation of the project.
Anastrepha species (Diptera: Tephritidae), their hosts and parasitoids in southern Amapa State, Brazil.
Genotype II emerged -91 years ago (95% HPD 59-144 years) and originated from strains isolated in the states of Para and Rondonia, and strains recently isolated in Amapa State, in 2009.
In addition to the UltraGold Joint Venture, the Company holds option rights to four gold exploration projects in the Yukon Territories, Canada and continues to work for the issuance of its Cupixi mineral license for its manganese project in Amapa State, Brazil.