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town, S Honduras, on the Gulf of Fonseca. Its satellite, Henecán is the chief Pacific port of Honduras. Henecán's modern port facilities and deepwater harbor and channel approach were constructed in the late 1970s after the old port at Amapala, on
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, Honduras.
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Two endemic areas of nonulcerated or atypical cutaneous leishmaniasis, Amapala and Orocuina municipalities, located in the southern region of Honduras, were studied.
Entre los estudios epidemiologicos, se puede mencionar uno realizado en el ano 1996, en la poblacion de la Isla del Tigre, Amapala, que demuestra prevalencias de 18% para A.
Little is known, however, about the spatiotemporal distribution and bycatch rates at Los Cobanos and similar rocky reef systems at Punta Amapala in El Salvador and La Salvia in Nicaragua, where previous research signaled hawksbill bycatch occurs in lobster gillnet fisheries (Liles & Thomas, 2010; Gaos et al., 2014b).
Cape Amapala, to the north-west, and Nicaragua's Cape Cosiguina, to
The towns of Amapala, on a small island in the gulf, Alianza, close to the southern end of the border with El Salvador, and Nacaome, the capital of Valle, have been initially selected for one of them to host the first ZEDE.
El flujo migratorio creado por su cercania a los enclaves mineros de Santa Lucia y San Juancito, ademas de ser una ruta obligada para llegar al puerto de Amapala y al golfo de Fonseca, obligo a la ciudad a expandirse y mestizarse.