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see Tell el AmarnaTell el Amarna
or Tel el Amarna
, ancient locality, Egypt, near the Nile and c.60 mi (100 km) N of Asyut. Ikhnaton's capital, Akhetaton, was in Tell el Amarna. About 400 tablets with inscriptions in Akkadian cuneiform were found there in 1887.
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Located in Delta, Colorado, Amarna is a manufacturer of a family of patented water-based release agents sold under the Amarnakote brand name.
Private equity firm HIG Capital LLC said on Tuesday that its Vantage Specialty Chemicals Holdings Inc portfolio company has announced the acquisition of The Amarna Company.
Boaz Stavi's new book, which is based on his doctoral dissertation from Tel Aviv University, is an insightfully combined study of the Hittite sources and the Amarna archive in an attempt to bring clarification to the historical events of Anatolia and Syria and establish a better synchronization between the Hittite and Egyptian chronologies.
For their long-awaited comeback, the founders of Sabry Marouf chose Amarna as a sole source of inspiration.
Driver Jakadi fractured her pelvis but passenger Amarna suffered fatal head injuries, despite apparently wearing a helmet.
This exciting book is a compelling mix of history and fiction, gripping you right from the start as you follow the adventures of Boy, taking him from his lowly life in Giza to Akenaten's new city (Amarna) where he meets many of the city's workers.
Forces raided Ya'bad town, southwest of the city, where they detained Ihab Fahmawi, 22, 50-year-old blind man Majd 'Amarna, after breaking into and searching their houses.
Reeves, who searched for Nefertiti's tomb while he was director of the Amarna Royal Tombs Project (1998-2002) said he thinks Tut's tomb originally was created for Nefertiti but that the boy king wound up there because he died so young, and Egyptians had no separate tomb prepared for him, National Geographic said.
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Situe a 6 km du chef-lieu de wilaya et relevant de la commune de Amarna, dans la daira de Sidi Lahcene, Belloualadi, hier simple douar, est devenu un grand village.
"Amarna Sunrise: Egypt from Golden Age to Age of Heresy" by Egyptologist Aidan Dodson (Senior Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol) traces the history of Egypt from the death of the great warrior-king Thutmose III to the high point of Akhenaten's reign, when the known world brought gifts to his newly-built capital city of Amarna, in particular looking at the way in which the cult of the sun became increasingly important to even 'orthodox' kings, culminating in the transformation of Akhenaten's father, Amenhotep III, into a solar deity in his own right.