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(, Seattle, WA, The largest online shopping site in the U.S. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, within four years, Amazon had more than four million customers. Today, more than 100 million visitors access each month.

From a Bookstore to Nearly Everything
Amazon started out as an online bookstore, constantly making news with its product volume. In the late 1990s, after adding CDs, videos, DVDs and games, Amazon offered more than four million titles. It continued to add new lines of business including toys, consumer electronics, software, power tools, home improvement products, online auctions and cloud computing services, the latter the most significant profit center for the company (see Amazon Web Services). By opening up its e-commerce platform to non-Amazon vendors in 2000, nearly every legal product that can be shipped is available on Amazon's site. See one-click ordering.

Amazon Prime
In 2005, Amazon's Prime subscription offered free two-day shipping and lower one-day rates. Prime membership increasingly offers other benefits, including unlimited video and music streaming, photo storage and e-book lending. See AmazonFresh.

Amazon's Own Products
In the late 2000s, the company began to offer Amazon-branded items, including e-book readers, tablet computers, smartphones and other devices (see Kindle, Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Amazon Echo and Amazon Dash).
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Prior to joining Google, Tamar served as vice president for advertising technology at A9, an Amazon company.
AWS), an Amazon company, today announced the formation of a business group to help clients more quickly move their business to the cloud.
Collaborating with Annapurna Labs, an Amazon company, NEXCOM has built the DNA 1720 with the Alpine AL314 processor.
For his part, the Minister Plenipotentiary Massad Al-Najjar, Head of the Commercial Office at the Egyptian Embassy said that the Egyptian-Sudanese Trade Forum for Metal Industries in Khartoum was organized by the Holding Company for Metal Industries from the Arab Republic of Egypt in collaboration with the Amazon Company for Metal Products from Sudan at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel, under the auspices of Osman Omar Al-Sharif, Sudanese Minister of Commerce and Egyptian Ambassador in Khartoum Osama Shaltout.
uk, an Amazon company and provider of digital audiobooks available for download, announced on Tuesday the launch of The Guardian Audio Edition.
The scandal first began to unfold in 1907 when a crusading newspaperman in Iquitos published reports of atrocities committed against indigenous rubber gatherers working between the Putumayo and Caqueta Rivers on land belonging to the Peruvian Amazon Company, a London-registered business whose sole product was natural rubber exported from Peru to Britain.
Casement saw exploitation, torture, floggings, and murder carried out there by the London-based Peruvian Amazon Company.
CreateSpace, an Amazon company, will again this year host the contest entry platform, which includes a community for authors that will keep them up-to-date on the contest and help them prepare their entries.
Audible, an Amazon company, is the world's largest seller and producer of audiobooks and premium spoken-word programming, including best sellers, new releases, exclusive original content and much more.
LOVEFiLM, an Amazon company, has today bolstered its selection of kids' content with the addition of iconic TV shows such as Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam and Chuggington to the service, whilst retaining the streaming rights for other classic characters such as He-Man and Postman Pat.
LOVEFiLM, an Amazon company, and CBS Studios International today announced a licensing agreement to bring the hit TV series Under the Dome to the LOVEFiLM Instant streaming service in the UK.
IMDb, an Amazon company for 14 years, is the #1 movie website in the world with more than 160 million monthly unique visitors worldwide.