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Indeed, visitors to Posada Amazonas get a thorough education in tropical ecology, wildlife behavior, and native culture while participating in hiking and canoeing excursions through the surrounding primary rainforest.
O cardinal tetra, Paracheirodon axelrodi, e diversidade dos peixes ornamentais do Rio Negro, Amazonas.
In Apr and May of 2011, we collected more samples of the same fruit at the Reserva Biologica do Cueiras, located at km 14 of the ZF2 access road of the BR-174, in Manaus, in the state of Amazonas (2[degrees]36'S; 60[degrees]07'W).
Author affiliations: Tropical Medicine Foundation of Amazonas State, Manaus, Brazil (M.
Amazonas is the only state to have actually outlawed deforestation and installed tough environmental protection measures (manned by an actual Climate Police).
TAM Cargo, the freight unit of TAM Linhas Aereas (Bovespa:TAMM4) (NYSE:TAM), today (25 August) formally opened its largest freight terminal in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.
In addition, there are four generating sets powered by Wartsila 6V32 engines generating power for the Amazonas and Sardines pumping stations.
Other examples of such partnerships are Posada Amazonas in Peru and Kapawi Lodge in Ecuador.
Bradesco is expanding domestically: It bought Banco do Estado do Amazonas for $75 million and Banco Mercantil de Sao Paulo for $570 million.
A list of some of the exhibitors is a roll call of thrills worldwide: Amazonas Explorer, Alaska Northwest Marine Travel, Belize Tourism Board, James Orr Heli-Ski, Perception Kayaks, Regal Diving, Saddle Skedaddle, Tanda Tula Africa, Visit Vietnam, and even VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas).
Such effects as the storm of pink rain and the mysterious Amazonas river spirits were well depicted by Francesca Zambello's production with Robert Israel's sets.