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ambo, ambon

ambo, 1
1. In early Christian churches, a pulpit for reading or chanting the Gospels or the Epistles.
2. In contemporary Balkan or Greek churches, a large pulpit or reading desk.
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LUSEM therefore enters a select group of some 150 business schools globally combining EQUIS and AMBA accreditation.
AMBA chief executive Andrew Main Wilson said the Business School's accreditation was testament to its innovative approach to postgraduate management education.
The Careers Survey showed that the average salary of MBA graduates from AMBA accredited business schools working in the UK now stands at in excess of PS82,000, the highest since 2004.
- Up to 9 1/O coherent ports with AMBA 4 AX14/ACE- Lite interfaces in addition to CPU and DMC ports
Joanne, 34, said: "Knowing Gary died a dad but gave me little Amba has given me the strength to carry on after his death.
Stifyn Parry with Amba Woodfine, 14 (left) and Millie Jeffrey, 13 from Wrexham
The programme will be boosted by a well conversant training panel from Amba consisting of Senior Vice President, Global Head of Projects and Transitions: Chanakya Dissanayake (CFA), Vice President, Head of Knowledge Management at Amba Research Lanka: Aruna Perera (CFA), Vice President, Head of Training at Amba Research Lanka: Aidha Ahamat and Senior Associate Vice President, Training and Development at Amba Research Lanka: Sarah Yusuf.
Xilinx's deployment of the AMBA 4 AXI4 specification means customers will have a consistent way to interconnect IP blocks while enabling better use of design resources through the use and reuse of IP, as well as easier integration across IP providers, all in support of Plug-and-Play FPGA design.
Even now I'm not really sure why I went," said Amba.
Imphal, Mar 3 (ANI): Barbers took out silent march here after three migrant labourers shot dead by unidentified militants.he All Manipur Barbers' Association (AMBA) staged rally against the killings non-Manipuri labourers, condemning as the heinous act.
Daughter Amba Rutter, 33, said her mum lived for grandchildren Anya, five, and 18-month-old Lili.