volcanic island, c.154 sq mi (400 sq km), Penama prov., N VanuatuVanuatu
, officially Republic of Vanuatu, independent republic (2015 est. pop. 265,000), c.5,700 sq mi (14,760 sq km), South Pacific, E of Australia. Vanuatu is a 450-mi (724-km) chain of 80 islands, of which the most important are Espíritu Santo (the largest), Efate,
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, SW Pacific, 30 mi (48 km) E of Espíritu Santo; also known historically as Aoba, Omba, and Lepers Island. The island, which is 24 mi (39 km) long and 9 mi (14.5 km) wide, is dominated by Manaro Voui, a volcano that rises to 4,907 ft (1,496 m); the volcano is also called Ambae or simply Manaro as well as Lombenben. Within its central caldera is Lake Voui, formed c.400 years ago. Although Ambae has no permanent rivers, there is sufficient rainfall to support subsistence farming and copra production. Volcanic eruptions in 2017 and 2018 led to the evacuation of the population to neighboring Pentecost and Maewo islands.
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The Ambassador noted that the decision of the Kuwaiti government comes in response to the emergency appeal launched by the Republic of Vanuatu and its humanitarian action plan to respond to these two natural catastrophes in the Island of Ambae. The plan included an appeal for financial and in-kind aid from the international community to provide humanitarian assistance, including food and agricultural security, shelter, water, sanitation, logistics and protection for children and women.
Most villagers on the northern island of Ambae had only recently returned home.
The 10,000 or so people who remain on Ambae island have mixed feelings about the plans.
AMBAE ISLAND: The ADB provided a $200,000 grant to the Government of Vanuatu in the wake of volcanic eruptions on Ambae Island, Penama province in Vanuatu.
For example, the Women's Culture Project in Ambae undertaken by the Vanuatu Cultural Center (Bolton 2003) revived traditional women's knowledge and practice in the making of plaited pandanus textiles.
The whole population of Ambae island in the northern parts of the Pacific Archipelago had to leave it after volcano Manaro Vowi started throwing stones and ashes last week.
An erupting volcano called Manaro Voui volcano in Vanuatu has forced over 11,000 residents from Ambae island to evacuate.
Authorities have declared an emergency on Ambae island, where activity at the Manaro volcano has increased recently, raising fears of a major eruption, abcnews reported.
More than 6,000 people have been moved to emergency shelters on Vanuatu's northern island Ambae in the South Pacific as a volcano threatens to erupt, officials said on Tuesday.
Food insecurity, malnutrition and mortality in Maewo and Ambae Islands, Vanuatu.
She was working on Ambae, one of the country's outer islets, where she taught children at local schools.