ambient lighting

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ambient lighting

Light that comes from all directions. Contrast with "directional lighting," which is made up of a light source with parallel light rays that do not diminish with distance. Also, contrast with "positional lighting," in which the rays are not parallel, but diminish in intensity from the source.

Primary Light Sources
Ambient lighting comes from all directions, while directional and positional lighting come from one source. (Image courtesy of Intergraph Computer Systems.)

Ambient lighting

A form of lighting that illuminates a room in a uniform, unfocused, indirect manner. Task-ambient lighting provides both focused lighting, and general illumination at a lower level, thus conserving energy.

ambient lighting

In any given area, the general background illumination.
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Panasonic will aim for three billion yen sales in the solutions businesses centering on Space Player and 20 billion yen sales in the entire ambient lighting business by FY2019 (for the year ending on March 31, 2019).
Because their production requires know-how on lighting, video, and ambient lighting, new in-house systems have been developed to allow the planning and production of contents.
With the curbing of any financial outlay required for implementation deemed to be of paramount importance, utilization of the local interface network (LIN) has emerged as a way to control the arrays of LEDs in ambient lighting systems--thereby making use of an existing bus infrastructure.
Ambient lighting can be achieved through a central light fixture in the room, while table lamps with shades can aid reading, while insertion of lamps in cabinets can highlight special items and add that extra warm homely feel.
The calibrated LCD screen plus controlled ambient lighting conditions reportedly ensure accurate reproduction of colors on-screen.
Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has developed the "Space Player", a new type of lighting equipment combining the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors to create new options and ideas in spatial lighting for the ambient lighting market.
Optrex's Highly Reflective (HR) transflective STN LCD modules provide desirable readability in any ambient lighting condition, over a wide operating temperature range.
Ambient lighting problems, such as passing shadows from overhead cranes, can confuse vision-based mold-protection systems-but not the new Nighthawk camera from Avalon Vision Solutions, LLC, Lithia Springs, Ga.
shared between secretaries, and ambient lighting is used for a more comfortable and pleasant working environment.

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