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Each section contained multiple questions to assess respondents' score in six areas--financial dishonesty, sensation-seeking, locus of control, conscientiousness, ambiguity tolerance, and demographic information such as age and gender.
2011), and Multiple Stimulus Types Ambiguity Tolerance Scale-II (MST'ATS; McClain, 2009).
1973) notes the likelihood "that individuals differing in ambiguity tolerance will differ in the ways they attempt to reduce cognitive inconsistencies" (p.
Intolerance of ambiguity is the aversion to this lack of information, whereas ambiguity tolerance is the degree of acceptance of, or even attraction to, this lack of information.
Results of the ANOVA along this measure of Ambiguity Tolerance were significant.
Its converse, ambiguity tolerance, has been reported to be related to practitioner work satisfaction (Wittenberg & Norcross, 2001).
Although tolerance for ambiguity has been highlighted as important in the development of creative, integrative thinking in the college setting, few studies have examined ambiguity tolerance and anxiety in response to uncertainties introduced in the classroom.
Gul (1986) measured confidence in decisions made by bank loan officers and found an interaction between level of ambiguity tolerance and type of audit opinion (qualified or unqualified).
Adolescents today have to live with incoherence for longer periods than before, and that makes ambiguity tolerance a socially significant personality dimension.
In order to incorporate this effect into the analysis, the ambiguity tolerance test (Lefevre and Ehri, 1976) is also used in this research.
1999) found that openness was a key pillar of risk tolerance in addition to risk-aversion and ambiguity tolerance.