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vvb c Ambiorix (1946, Tourbillon - Lavendula, by Pharos) Champion 2yo vvb f Coronation (1946, Djebel - Esmeralda, by Tourbillon) Champion 3yo; Poule d'Essai des Pouliches, Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe vvch f Asmena (1947, Goya - Astronomie, by Asterus) Oaks vvb f Corejada (1947, Pharis - Tourzima, by Tourbillon) Poule d'Essai des Pouliches, Irish Oaks vvch c Galcador (1947, Djebel - Pharyva, by Pharos) Derby vvch c Scratch (1947, Pharis - Orlamonde, by Asterus) Prix du Jockey Club, St Leger vvb f Djelfa (1948, Djebel - Cynthia, by Thor) Champion 2yo filly; Poule d'Essai des Pouliches vvbr c Dynamiter (1948, Pharis - Pretty Lady, by Umidwar) Champion S.
Tata International is a supplier to global brands such as Betty Barclay, Peter Keiser, Marks & Spencer, GCI, Mango, Pierre Cardin, Hush Puppies, Escada, Gabor, Naturalizer, Zara, Grenson, Ambiorix, Samsonite and Danier besides Indian retailers like Westside, Shoppers Stop and Raymonds.
Ambiorix is split across many directions in being a husband and father, a task more difficult than it seems.
The first is the dual kingship of Ambiorix and Catuvolcus, where Ambiorix complained that he had no more authority over his people than they over him (BG.v.24).
Information: NGOLC, 10 Square Ambiorix, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
Chez les Belges aussi, on trouve dans l'histoire un symbole de la resistance a l'invasion romaine, incarne par Ambiorix, chef des Eburons, qui souleva une partie de la Gaule Belgique contre les armees de Cesar en 54 avant J.-C.
RAGUSA b c 26-5-1960 Pedigree Bellini Tenerani Tofanella Ribot (b 1952) El Greco Romanella Barbara Burrini Tourbillon Ambiorix Lavendula Fantan (b 1952) Petee-Wrack Red Eye Charred Keg Bred by HF Guggenheim in Ireland 3,800gns Goffs September yearling.
In the midst of an untamed land, a half-human, half-water faery woman Nemu encounters a wounded Roman soldier named Ambiorix. Despite her internal misgivings, she shelters him and heals his wounds.
54); successfully defended his camp against attacks by the Eubrones under Ambiorix until Caesar marched to his relief (January 53); repulsed an attack by Sugambri cavalry near Aduatuca (July?