Ambodik-Maksimovich, Nestor

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Ambodik-Maksimovich, Nestor Maksimovich


Born 1744; died 1812. Russian scientist, one of the founders of obstetrics, botany, and phytotherapy (the therapeutic use of medicinal plants) in Russia.

While he was professor of the “art of midwifery” at the St. Petersburg Obstetrics School, Ambodik-Maksimovich introduced new visual methods of instruction and also the practice of using forceps. He wrote a manual on obstetrics, The Art and Science of Midwifery (1784–86), which was the best work in this field in the 18th century. Ambodik-Maksimovich was called the father of Russian obstetrics. He published the first Russian botany book, Principles of Botany, in St. Petersburg in 1795.


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