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(äm`bōn), island, c.300 sq mi (775 sq km), E Indonesia, one of the MoluccasMoluccas
or Spice Islands,
Bahasa Indonesia Maluku, Du. Molukken, island group and prov. (1990 pop. 1,856,075), c.32,300 sq mi (83,660 sq km), E Indonesia, between Sulawesi and New Guinea. The capital of the province is Ambon, on Ambon island.
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, in the Banda Sea. It is mountainous, well watered, and fertile. Corn and sago are produced, and hunting and fishing supplement the diet. Nutmeg and cloves, once grown in abundance, are produced in limited quantities, and copra is exported. The chief town and seaport, also called Ambon (1990 pop. 275,888), is capital of Maluku prov. It is the seat of the Univ. of Maluku and a private college, and it has an airport. The island and town are also called Amboyna or Amboina.

The island was visited (1512) by the Portuguese, who made it a religious and military headquarters. It was captured by the Dutch in 1605. An English outpost there was destroyed (1623) by the Dutch in what is called the Ambon massacre. Ambon was temporarily under British rule from 1796 to 1802 and again from 1810 to 1814. The town was the site of a major Dutch naval base captured (1942) by the Japanese in World War II, and it was the scene (1950) of a revolt against the Indonesian government during the short-lived South Moluccan Republic. After the end of Dutch rule, it was a source of major immigration to the Netherlands. As a result of continued violence between rebels and government troops, many Ambonese emigrated to the Netherlands. The island has been the scene of Muslim-Christian violence in recent years.

ambo, ambon

ambo, 1
1. In early Christian churches, a pulpit for reading or chanting the Gospels or the Epistles.
2. In contemporary Balkan or Greek churches, a large pulpit or reading desk.
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More than 2,000 so-called "fit" men were separated from the lame or seriously ill and shipped to Haruku Island near Ambon.
Media reports said Ambon was deserted Monday, with offices, schools and shops closed.
To appreciate Kam's contribution to missions in Maluku, we need an overview of the condition of the Ambon church.
I just turned off my television and was about to go to bed when suddenly I felt a strong tremor, shaking windows' glasses,'' Antara quoted Rudy Rumte, 25, a resident of Karang Panjang area on Ambon Island, as saying.
In addition to the Ambon wind farm, ENDESA currently has another 10 MW wind farm under construction in France, situated in Picardy in the region of l'Aisne.
7 on the Richter scale, struck deep beneath the Banda Sea - 120 miles south of Ambon city in the Maluku Islands.
It struck about 195 kilometres south of Ambon city in the Maluku Islands, at a depth of 342 kilometres.
In Indonesia, "the Muslims who burned down the university in Ambon do not want Christians to work, and want the Moluccas to be prey to external policies" (Zenit, June 28, 2004).
Widescale damage was caused to Ambon City by rioters, and the UN building was razed to the ground.
At least 50 people were injured in the clashes in the provincial capital Ambon.
However, on April 25 interreligious violence broke out after more than 100 members and supporters of the mostly Christian Maluku Sovereignty Front (FKM) gathered in Ambon to celebrate the anniversary of the separatist movement.
After a Muslim bicycle rider was struck and injured by a Christian bus driver in Ambon in January 1999, violent clashes broke out between Muslims and Christians.