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see ÁrtaÁrta
, formerly Ambracia
, city (1991 pop. 21,286), capital of Árta prefecture, W Greece, in Epirus, near the mouth of the Arachtus River. It is a trading and shipping center for agricultural goods including cotton, grain, citrus fruits, almonds, and
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By little and little, I mean by this, that very often great alterations silently take place in the form of government from people's overlooking small matters; as at Ambracia, where the census was originally small, but at last became nothing at all, as if a little and nothing at all were nearly or entirely alike.
Coin was in Ambracia The caelator's son, named Pythagora.
When the time came for his men to row like hell out of the Gulf of Ambracia and ram Caesar's ships with their bronze-plated quinqueremes, they were too sick and hungry to do much damage.