Ambrogio Contarini

Contarini, Ambrogio


Date of birth unknown; died 1499, in Venice. Venetian diplomat and traveler.

In February 1474, Contarini was sent to Uzun Hasan, the ruler of Western Iran (Persia), with a proposal to start a war against Turkey in alliance with Venice. On his return trip Contarini visited Moscow (September 1475 to January 1476), where he was received by Tsar Ivan III Vasil’evich. Contarini returned to Venice in 1477. In 1487 a description of Contarini’s journey was published. It contains valuable information on Iran, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Crimea, and the Astrakhan Khanate.


“Puteshestvie A. Kontarini, posla svetleishei Venetsianskoi respubliki k znamenitomu persidskomu gosudariu Uzun-Gassanu.” (Translated from Italian.) In the book Biblioteka inostrannykh pisatelei o Rossii, section 1. St. Petersburg, 1836.