Amdahl Corporation

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Amdahl Corporation

A US computer manufacturer. Amdahl is a major supplier of large mainframes, UNIX and Open Systems software and servers, data storage subsystems, data communications products, applications development software, and a variety of educational and consulting services.

Amdahl products are sold in more than 30 countries for use in both open systems and IBM plug-compatible mainframe computing environments.

Quarterly sales $397M, profits $13M (Aug 1994).

In 1997 Amdahl became a division of Fujitsu.
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Before serving as CFO for these companies, Scallet worked as both an external and internal strategic advisor to Fujitsu IT Holdings, which acquired Amdahl Corporation. He has also served as vice president of Finance of two companies -Enhanced Information Systems, a start-up telephony services business, and Power Cooling Systems, a GEA-subsidiary and a German multi-national civil engineering and manufacturing company.
and Amdahl Corporation. Jacoby has a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of the Pacific and a masters in business administration from Santa Clara University.
a provider of Web customer service solutions, announced a strategic alliance with Amdahl Corporation's, a provider of outsourced customer support services.
The Amdahl Corporation, a computer software business in Santa Clara, California, has achieved 90 percent waste diversion since 1990.
At Amdahl Corporation in Silicon Valley, Andrews continued making major industry breakthroughs, accomplishing things people said could never be done.
Michael Wong is the manager of enterprise storage marketing at Amdahl Corporation (Toronto, Canada).
Seeking to further distance itself from its former semi-free life as a mainframe system vendor and to make more money than it currently does trying to sell mainframes against very aggressive IBM Corp and Hitachi Data Systems Ltd, Fujitsu's wholly-owned Amdahl Corporation subsidiary today announced two new operating divisions working under the Amdahl name.
Maters holds both bachelor's and master's degrees in romance languages and is currently director of sales support at Amdahl Corporation. Rather than thinking in terms of the limitations of his liberal arts degree, Maters emphasized the unlimited opportunities his degree offered: sales and marketing, corporate communications and public relations, technical writing, translating (language), human resources, training and development, and computer programming and analysis.
Amdahl Corporation defines new hardware but brings in key supplier AMP, Inc.
The research team from Amdahl Corporation who made headlines last August when they found the largest known prime number (65,087 digits long) shared some interesting insights into the methods used for the discovery in a recent report.
of papers Dieter Gawlick, Amdahl, Amdahl Corporation, MS 213, 1250 East Argues Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086-3470.