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see shadbushshadbush,
or serviceberry,
any species of the genus Amelanchier of the family Rosaceae (rose family), chiefly North American shrubs or trees conspicuous in the early spring for their white blossoms.
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Small shrubby tree up to 24 ft (8m) with berries that look and taste very much like blueberries. Lewis and Clark lived off juneberries when they travelled across and discovered America. Already ripe in the spring. They require no care to grow. Taste best fresh and raw. Leaves look like apple leaves. Small white apple-like 5-petal flowers that look like little white airplane propellers.



(Amelanchier), a plant genus of the family Rosa-ceae. The Juneberry is a shrub or small tree, with deciduous round or oval leaves that are dark green on top, light green on the bottom, and dark or yellowish red in autumn. The flowers are white or cream-colored and are gathered into corymb-like racemes at the end of the shoots. The fruit is round and blue-black or reddish violet, with a diameter of up to 10 mm; it is sweet and edible, ripening in July. The Juneberry can grow in almost any soil.

Approximately 25 species are known in North America, North Africa, Western Europe, the Caucasus, and the Crimea. The most widely known species is Amelanchier rotundifolia, which is cultivated for its fruit and nectar and as a decorative plant. Juneberries are reproduced by sowing seeds, grafting roots, and dividing the shrub. A. canadensis is also cultivated; it has greater frost resistance than A. rotundifera.

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The Amelanchier canadensis, or saskatoon, is a bushy tree which averages six to 12 feet in height but, at times, reaches up to 30 feet.
Pemoymenuk , Amelanchier berries, "Pemouaimin, nak , a black fruit.
Paxman's latest winner was devised in partnership with the Association of Professional Landscapers and featured a garden dining area, log seating area around a fire pit, a crescent of herbaceous perennials, grasses and bulbs in purples, whites and blues and amelanchier trees in full blossom.
Serviceberry, also known in this area as Shadblow, Shadbush or Juneberry, is a member of the genus Amelanchier.
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Amelanchier lamarckii, snowy mespilus, is a lovely little tree for a small garden.
Snowy mespilus or Amelanchier makes a shrubby tree and has white starry blooms in spring, emerging on bare branches and finishing as coppery–bronze leaves unfurl.
In some grazed areas, plants of this species have been found growing among shrubs of Amelanchier and Ephedra, which apparently lend them some protection from grazing cattle.