For ancient Egyptian kings thus names, use Amenhotep.
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Der Text der Adorationsszene aus Opferformel und Verklarung wird analysiert, der auf der Statue CG 583 des Amenophis, Sohn des Hapu, eine enge Parallele findet.
It was Amenophis II who adopted Resheph as a deity.
The letters convey political messages exchanged between Amenophis (1364 BC) and Akhnaton.
Amenophis ile Mittani Krali Tushrata nin tedavileri icin de Asurlu hekimlerin gonderildigi anlasilmaktadir.
One of the accounts we have of this pharaoh is given by Joseph Flavius in his book entitled Against Apion, he observes that Amenophis (Akhenaton) who wanted to be able to 'see the Gods', rebelled against the religion of his ancestors, and that a group of leprous Egyptians, assisted by the shepherds (Hyksos) from Jerusalem fought against the army of Egypt, but were defeated.
There is the earlier monotheism of Pharaoh Amenophis IV, who took the name of Akhenaton, and launched an exclusive cult of the solar disk, several centuries before the commonly accepted date of Moses.
Summary: In the Cairo Museum, behind a colossal group of limestone statues of King Amenophis III, his wife Tyi and three of their daughters, from the temple of Medinat Habu on the West Bank at Luxor, there is a small section dedicated to Pharaoh Amenhoptep IV.
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Cette fete religieuse, instauree par Amenophis III, a la gloire d'Amon, etait l'occasion de rejouissance dans tout le pays.
lang=en) According to Francigny , "The site was initially known for the remains of the Temple of Queen Tiye, great royal wife of Amenophis III.
Soon after his death, the name of Akhenaten, Pharaoh Amenophis IV, who had established a monotheistic counter-religion in Egypt, was removed from kings-lists; his monuments were dismantled, and other markers of his existence destroyed (Assmann, 1997, p.
The pharaoh, ne Amenophis IV, abolished polytheistic worship in favor of the sun god Aten and renamed himself Akhetaten.