American Bird Conservancy

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American Bird Conservancy (ABC)

Address:PO Box 249
The Plains, VA 20198

Established: 1922. Description:Protects and conserves wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. Dedicated to overcoming the greatest threats facing birds: a growing human population, the use of pesticides, and the introduction of destructive species including domestic cats. Members: 7,000. Dues: $40/year.
Publications: Bird Conservation magazine (3x/year). Bird Calls newsletter (3x/year); free to members.

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Even small panes of glass can trick a bird into a fatal crash, and some products sold for bird safety may not work, warns Christine Sheppard of the American Bird Conservancy.
The frequency of bird strikes at clear and reflective panes covered by the two spacing versions of vertically hung parachute cord provide additional evidence, further validating previous studies that vertical stripes separated by 10 cm or less are effective bird-window collision preventive methods (Klem 1990, 2009b; Rossler and Zuna-Kratky 2004; American Bird Conservancy 2011).
I do things like that and because I'm on these conservation councils of the Audubon and American Bird Conservancy, I'm always trying to work with these organizations and the Natural Resources Defense Council as well, which takes the big guys to court.
According to the American Bird Conservancy, one-third of the birds found on the U.
Fort Hood Military Reservation, located on the Edwards Plateau in central Texas, has been designated a globally important bird area by the American Bird Conservancy because of substantial populations of two endangered songbirds, the black-capped vireo (Vireo atricapilla) and the golden-checked warbler (Dendroica chrysoparia; Anders and Dearborn, 2004; Cimprich and Kostecke, 2006).
Working as I do for the American Bird Conservancy, an organization dedicated to conserving wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas, I am naturally engaged in an effort to address the issue that Wilcove so eloquently addresses, the same one that is being witnessed firsthand by birdwatchers across the country.
Fish and Wildlife Program, The Nature Conservancy and the American Bird Conservancy recently gathered at the post to catch two pairs of bluebirds and move them to the states San Juan Island.
Everglades and Dry Tortugas national parks and Big Cypress National Preserve, all designated by the American Bird Conservancy as Globally Important Bird Areas, provide excitement for novice or experienced birders.
The discovery of the Cozumel Thrasher was announced jointly by the American Bird Conservancy and Conservation International, both based in Washington, DC.
The National Wildlife Federation and the American Bird Conservancy warn that seven state birds may soon be endangered.
I also want to thank George Fenwick, he's the President of the American Bird Conservancy, for joining us as well.
She also served on the American Heart Association Mid-Atlantic Affiliate, Board of Directors and the American Bird Conservancy Board of Directors.

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