American Canoe Association

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American Canoe Association (ACA)

Address:7432 Alban Station Blvd, Suite B-232
Springfield, VA 22150

Established: 1880. Description:Promotes canoeing, kayaking, and rafting as wholesome lifetime recreational activities. Sponsors paddling events, works for environmental and paddlers' rights protection, and provides safety education and instructor certification. Members: 45,000. Dues: $40/year.
Publications: Paddler magazine (bimonthly); free to members. ACA News (monthly); free to members.

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Gibson and the other canoeists, my concerns in this article are with the work and workers largely excluded from written and photographic accounts of the yearly encampments and regattas of the American Canoe Association. The ACA was founded in 1880 to "unite all amateur canoeists for the purpose of pleasure, health, or exploration." (2) Annual meetings were central to realizing the transnational organization's mission.
THE AMERICAN CANOE ASSOCIATION'S dependency on local labour was not unique.
Again, this list is compiled by the American Canoe Association: A hat or visor, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
According to the same survey mentioned earlier (Sheridan 2003), very few camps require wilderness trip leaders to attain sport-specific certifications (such as American Canoe Association Instructor, American Mountain Guides Association Top Rope Site Manager, or Swiftwater Rescue).
American Canoe Association courses include Basic Canoe Preparatory and Fiatwater instructor Certification.
* American Canoe Association documentation from other white-water institutes will also be honored for the Moving Water Instructor component, including:
The American Canoe Association ( offers a broad range of courses and certification programs.
Mason are Red Cross and American Canoe Association instructor trainers and paddle recreationally.
The American Canoe Association's new paddling programs are designed to fill the gap created by the downsizing of the Red Cross program.
If completion awards are offered, "in-house" awards are used much more frequently than those available through nationally standardized programs such as the American Red Cross, US SAILING, the American Canoe Association, the National Water Ski Association, or the American Water Ski Association.
American Canoe Association: The American Canoe Association is currently developing an instructor fundamentals course that specifically targets those who teach in camps.
Sanctioned by the US and American Canoe Associations, race participants will weave their way 2,348 miles down the Mississippi to the finish line, where America's longest river spills into the Gulf of Mexico.

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