Robert College

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Robert College:

see Bosporus, Univ. of theBosporus, University of the,
at İstanbul, Turkey; opened 1863 as Robert College, with funds contributed by Christopher R. Robert and other Americans for the higher education of Turkish men. Its name was changed in 1971.
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In her youth, Hussein graduated from the American College for Girls (now known as Ramses College for Girls), and later from the American University in Cairo, eventually marrying Ahmed Hussein, the Egyptian Ambassador to the United States during the 1950s.
Halide's father is just such a man, and he breaks all the rules to have his daughter educated, to be fluent in Western languages, the first Turkish girl to attend the American college for girls in Istanbul.
He married Rahssan (Aral), a classmate from the American College for Girls, in 1946.

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