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Thoughts on African Colonization; or an Impartial Exhibition of the Doctrines, Principles and Purposes of the American Colonization Society.
I will use the term colonization whenever referring to white-sponsored plans to expatriate former slaves and free blacks to Africa, modeled upon or auxiliary to the American Colonization Society, and emigration to refer to plans initiated by African Americans to create black communities outside the borders of the United States, whether in the Western hemisphere or on the African continent.
Not only did they expose what Bacon describes as "the biases" and "racist goals" of the American Colonization Society (ACS), but also they made forceful arguments as to why readers should fight for their political rights and for the freedom of their brothers and sisters in the United States.
Casely Hayford, a pioneer of African nationalism, wrote in 1908 and dedicated "to the Sons of Ethiopia the World Wide Over" (8), and the text "Ethiopia stretching out her hands unto God" which Edward Wilmot Blyden delivered as a speech to the American Colonization Society in May 1880 (9).
James Madison, another of the Virginia Dynasty, opposed slavery and saw organizations such as the American Colonization Society (ACS)--which advocated purchasing slaves and transporting them to Liberia--as the best way to achieve freedom for black Americans.
Viewed against this backdrop, her chapter on the return of the Amistad Africans to Sierra Leone and the establishment of the Mende Mission underscores the conflicting agendas of the American Colonization Society.
Founded by the American Colonization Society as a home for freed American slaves, Liberia declared its independence in 1847 and is Africa's oldest republic.
Relying upon American Colonization Society Papers, he shows how declining prospects in the city encouraged many local free blacks to migrate to Liberia, the society's colony in West Africa.
Independence: From American Colonization Society July 26, 1847.
In 1816 free Blacks challenged race in the wake of the establishment of the American Colonization Society, which they read as a sinister attempt to remove them from the country to its newly found colony of Liberia on the West African Coast.

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