American Family Association

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American Family Association

The American Family Association condemns television as being a “trash land” as well as a vast wasteland.

Founded in 1977 by Rev. Donald Wildmon as the National Federation for Decency, the organization was renamed the American Family Association (AFA) in 1988. Wildmon, a former Methodist minister, has become well known as an effective force in removing advertisements on television that he has deemed trashy and objectionable. Appointed to Attorney General Edwin Meese’s Commission on Pornography during the Reagan administration by the commission’s executive director, Alan Sears, Wildmon in 1985 managed to persuade seventeen thousand convenience stores to remove such magazines as Playboy and Penthouse from their shelves. In 2005 Tim Wildmon, Donald Wildmon’s son, assumed the AFA presidency and the overseeing of a two-hundred-station radio network, a monthly journal distributed to nearly 200,000 subscribers, and about a hundred employees.

What the American Family Association Believes

  • A growing gay influence on the media is transforming the United States into a misshapen culture.
  • Prominent gay leaders have publicly endorsed approval of pedophilia, incest, sadomasochism, and bestiality.
  • Homosexuality must be opposed with the same fervor as murder, stealing, and adultery.
  • The true originators of Nazism and Nazi atrocities were homosexuals.
  • Procter & Gamble actively promotes Satanism and homosexuality.

Activities: Through its radio stations, flyers, and monthly journal, the AFA has convinced hundreds of thousands to boycott national advertisers of products or concepts it deems offensive.

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The American Family Association was founded in the late 1970s as the National Federation for Decency and originally worked to clean up smut on television.
This year, the American Family Association has been declaring war on Radio Shack for an alleged failure to mention Christmas enough, and celebrating a victory over Gap Inc.
More than some have attended their entire lives." Later, he said the event was a "total bummer for mainstream media, hoping for epic fail" and defended Perry, saying "his faith is the real deal." Perry thanked the American Family Association in his concluding remarks.
Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association provided a clue as to a deeper reason for the split when he said, "We believe in truth in advertising.
3200, the House version of ObamaCare, will put Planned Parenthood clinics inside public schools, points out the American Family Association. Under the provisions of "School-Based Health Clinics," a "nonprofit health agency" such as Planned Parenthood will be authorized to serve as a "sponsoring facility" for school-based health clinics that will operate during school hours.
The announcement was met with predictable ire emanating from the usual quarters (the American Family Association, et al.), which took it as another sign of Armageddon.
Ford Motor Company is the lead advertising sponsor of primetime network programs featuring lead or supporting homosexual characters, according to a recent study by the American Family Association. Between February 11 and May 5, the American Family Association monitored the top programs specifically identified by the activist-homosexual group GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) as GLAAD Media Award winners, or as showcasing leading or supporting homosexual characters.
The American Family Association in Tupelo, MS began a boycott of Ford Motor Co.
Documents released by the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs include letters to elected representatives from Dobson, Gary Bauer, Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, and Don Wildmon of the American Family Association, as well as DeLay and two of his closest congressional colleagues, Dennis Hastert and Roy Blunt.
Protests, from such groups as the American Family Association, focused on the myriad bad habits of the principal characters--drinking, pill-popping, thievery--and said it mocked Christianity.
But the American Family Association is disgusted at the portrayal of the Christian family and has launched a campaign to persuade TV stations not to air the series.
Ford last week said its Jaguar and Land Rover luxury brands would pull all advertising from gay publications after facing a boycott threat from the American Family Association, which criticised the carmaker for being gay-friendly.

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