American Farmland Trust

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American Farmland Trust (AFT)

Address:1200 18th St NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036

Established: 1980. Description:Works to safeguard productive farmlands by promoting environmental-friendly practices. Members: 25,000 Dues: $25/year.
Publications: American Farmland (monthly); free to members.

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is California State Director, American Farmland Trust, UC Davis.
The brochure and supporting web site are a joint project of Coleman Natural Foods (CNF) and American Farmland Trust (AFT) through the Coleman Eco-Project 201 5, a decade-long conservation program created to raise awareness about the link between conservation, healthy land, healthy food and healthy people, and to connect consumers with where and how their food is raised and produced.
Obtain information and perhaps a large photograph or poster of an agricultural area in your state from American Farmland Trust.
The "mainstream" land trust movement includes all local, state, and regional land trusts and conservancies so named, as well as national groups like the American Farmland Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, etc.
I'm a member of the American Farmland Trust, and I am also a member of the Lancaster (Penn.
population growing by three million a year, we lose two acres of farmland every minute, according to the American Farmland Trust.
Funded through an initiative of the American Farmland Trust, farmers have been paid to keep their farms out of the reach of home developers.
In addition to the suggestions and organizations that are listed as ways we can help preserve farmland, I would like to add one more: the American Farmland Trust.
The concern over the conversion of farmland to urban land uses gained momentum with the recent publication of a map and report on the topic by the American Farmland Trust (AFT).
According to the American Farmland Trust, between 1982 and 1992, 400,000 acres of prime agricultural land were lost to urban and suburban development.
To date, the American Farmland Trust and the Civil War Preservation Trust have both expressed interest in working with local landowners to secure conservation easements, and a few already exist.
It's shocking to see to what extent states have experienced rapid conversion from farmland," says Don Buckloh, a farmland information specialist with the American Farmland Trust (AFT), a nonprofit organization that works to prevent productive farmland loss and aims to keep private land in private hands.

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