American Forests

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American Forests

Address:734 15th St NW Suite 800
PO Box 2000
Washington, DC 20013

Established: 1875. Description:Focuses on assisting communities in planning and implementing tree and forest actions to restore and maintain healthy ecosystems and communities. Also works with community-based forestry partners in both urban and rural areas to help them participate in national forest policy discussions. Since 1990, the American Forests' Global ReLeaf campaign has been planting native trees in rural and urban ecosystem restoration projects across the United States and around the world. Members: 20,000. Dues: $25/year.
Publications: American Forests (quarterly); free to members.

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A planned gift to American Forests is a wonderful way to contribute to the health of our planet," says Webster.
Overall, urban tree canopy cover has declined by 30% over the past three decades, says Cheryl Kollin, director of the Urban Forest Center at American Forests, and canopy tree cover has decreased in most of the surveyed areas.
American Forests helps people improve the environment with trees and forests.
The Coleman Eco-Project 2015 is an unprecedented decade-long conservation program to address the critical need to restore American forests and protect U.
The sales of Danby Art Coolers(TM) will help American Forests reforest damaged ecosystems.
The Fund immediately received support from the Home Depot Foundation and AMERICAN FORESTS members.
This new partnership takes that promise a step further and makes both Flexcar and American Forests stronger as a result.
In 2002 AMERICAN FORESTS presented ceremonial seedlings to several of the 13 original colonies, with a promise to replant the symbol of liberty in each of the original colonies when the seedlings had grown large enough.
Exxon is pleased to continue our relationship with AMERICAN FORESTS in restoring ecosystems, and we hope that our contribution to Global ReLeaf 2000 encourages other corporations to join in this important program.
From ecosystem assessments and making better public policy for trees and forests, to action projects for restoration, the members of AMERICAN FORESTS are helping to ensure that we have healthy forests for all their social, economic, and ecological values.
Through its Famous and Historic Trees program, American Forests identifies trees that are living witnesses to historic events and to lives of famous citizens.
We are thrilled with the enthusiasm and support from the customers and everyone in the Eddie Bauer organization," said Barry Cullen, executive vice-president of American Forests.

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