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in the Turkish sultanates the title of the military leaders, including the commander of the janissaries, and the title of the heads of certain groups of court servants. After the abolition of the janissaries in 1826, “Aga” became the name for junior and middle-level officers of the Turkish army. In modern Turkey, ağa is a form of address to prosperous landowners and sometimes part of a person’s name.


Abbr. for “American Gas Association.”
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The American Gas Association (AGA) held its annual winter outlook event today where the Association explored expectations for the 2016-17 winter heating season.
The American Gas Association (AGA) announced that a portion of proceeds from LNG 17 will be directed toward scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in the natural gas industry.
Jibson, vice president of operations, Questar Gas Company, who represented American Gas Association and the American Public Gas Association, told the Energy & Commerce Committee, "Data from the last five years demonstrates that states that have stringent enforcement programs experienced a much lower rate of excavation damage to pipeline facilities than states that do not have stringent enforcement powers."
NGVAmerica joined with a group of NGV advocates--including the American Gas Association, the American Public Gas Association and the Gas Technology Institute--in requesting Congress provide $30 million next year for NGV research and development.
At hearings of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on June 15, Earl Fischer, senior vice president, utility operations of Atmos Energy Corporation, said the American Gas Association and American Public Gas Association, for whom he was speaking, "are hopeful that either the regulatory or legislative R&D funding proposal will become a reality.
The American Gas Association (AGA) is proud to announce that the 2016 Distinguished Service Award has been given to Robert Bob C.
Natural gas utilities increased their investment in natural gas efficiency programs to nearly $958 million in 2011, according to a report from the American Gas Association (AGA).
The American Gas Association, in its request for a rehearing, asked that the commission approve rates with price differentials on a case-by-case basis.
Employees from the American Gas Association (AGA), Dominion and natural gas utilities will build bicycles for children in need in Cleveland, OH during the Republican National Convention.
EPA has not considered the significant cost impacts these revisions would have on natural gas pipeline compressor turbines," says Pam Lacey, senior managing counsel, environment, American Gas Association.
The mathematical model implemented within the software application is based on a multiyear research program and field tests conducted by the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) and the American Gas Association (AGA).
In fact, DTE Energy was cited recently by the American Gas Association for "best in class" effectiveness of its safety programs.

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