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in the Turkish sultanates the title of the military leaders, including the commander of the janissaries, and the title of the heads of certain groups of court servants. After the abolition of the janissaries in 1826, “Aga” became the name for junior and middle-level officers of the Turkish army. In modern Turkey, ağa is a form of address to prosperous landowners and sometimes part of a person’s name.


Abbr. for “American Gas Association.”
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A mismatch between growing demand for natural gas and supplies of it will inevitably result in higher prices for natural gas consumers during the next 10-15 years unless public policies and personal attitudes change about bringing flesh supplies of natural gas to market, according to a recently released report by the American Gas Association (AGA).
South Jersey Industries (NYSE:SJI) will webcast live a presentation by its Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Edward Graham to the American Gas Association Financial Forum where he will discuss the Company's 2006 first quarter results and future prospects.
Contributions by 14 gas industry executives were recently recognized by the American Gas Association.
The fee in lieu of distribution from federal tax receipts, is supported by the American Gas Association (AGA) and the American Public Gas Association (APGA).
National Fuel Gas Company ("National Fuel") (NYSE:NFG) will participate in the American Gas Association Financial Forum on May 8, 2006, in Scottsdale, Ariz.
Wood was an active member of various industry associations including the American Gas Association, Business Industry Political Action Committee, Edison Electric Institute and the U.
Southern Gas Association in conjunction with Gas Research Institute and the American Gas Association are forming a Gas Foodservice Council (GFC) to promote the use of natural gas equipment in commercial foodservice outlets.
Zakupowsky, who has a specialty in energy utility tax issues, currently is tax counsel to both the Edison Electric Institute and American Gas Association, two major trade organizations for utilities.

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