American Hiking Society

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American Hiking Society (AHS)

Address:1422 Fenwick Ln
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Established: 1976. Description:Dedicated to preserving and expanding public and private trails and protecting the interest of hikers. Educates the public on the benefits of hiking and trails. Maintains a public information service. Sponsors volunteer trips to build and maintain trails. Members: 5,000. Dues: $30/year.
Publications: American Hiker magazine (quarterly); free to members.

See other parks in Maryland.
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We have a saying among hikers, 'Cotton is rotten,'" says Seth Levy, who works for the American Hiking Society.
There are several organizations--including the American Hiking Society and the Journey African-American Outdoor Sports Association--that supply pertinent information and they can help you get started hiking the right way.
Footwear: The American Hiking Society says that "the proper shoe is vital to any walking or hiking activity.
To raise awareness about linear parks and the threats they face, the American Hiking Society will celebrate National Trails Day on June 5.
Regarding walking and hiking, the company is a sponsor of the American Hiking Society to encourage just this sort of exercise.
9 mile stretch of trail was to be made handicap accessible with the help of a $5,000 grant from the American Hiking Society.
Information on the American Hiking Society and National Trails Day is available at (301) 565-6704 or www.
Partnership With the Maryland and Virginia State Parks, American Hiking Society and the National Park Trust Encourages Families to Get Outdoors and Enjoy State Parks in Support of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Outside Campaign
Crowe is a member of the American Hiking Society, and a longtime dedicated volunteer to the preservation of the region's trails.
HIKE TO HEALTH: Get in shape and help our national parks by joining the Volunteer Vacation program, run by the American Hiking Society.
Travelocity will hold a 48-hour Twitter contest while The Roaming Gnome is in Glacier National Park on September 9th and 10th to award one lucky consumer a $1,000 voluntourism grant to be used with American Hiking Society.
National Trails Day was organized first by the American Hiking Society.

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