American Historical Association

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American Historical Association (AHA)

Address:400 A St SE
Washington, DC 20003

Established: 1884. Description:Promotes historical studies, the collection and preservation of historical documents and artifacts, and the circulation of historical research. Addresses the professional concerns of historians and educators and provides resources to ensure the proliferation of historical knowledge. Members: 15,000. Dues: $37/year.
Publications: Perspectives (monthly); free to members. The American Historical Review (5x/year); free to members.

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National Japanese American Historical Society Peace Gallery.
The American Historical Society will hold its 132nd annual meeting at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.
Saari is affiliated with the Finnish American Festival and the Finnish American Historical Society. He has recorded two CDs on the kantele.
The exhibition is sponsored by the American Legion War Memorial Commission and the American Legion Eighth District Council, Department of California, in collaboration with Memorare Manila 1945, the National Park Service, the National Japanese American Historical Society, Hamilton Field History Museum and the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society.
The topics include reinterpreting historical evidence for the existence of numerous Menominee villages at the time of the earliest European contact, the Gaelic American and the shaping of Irish-American opinion 1903-14, Nancy Kaszak versus Rahm Emanual and the decline of Polish American politics in Chicago, history seen through multiple lenses: Leo Schelbart and the Swiss American Historical Society, and the battle against forgetting.
His first edited anthology, From Our Side of the Fence, about America's concentration camps, received an award from the National Japanese American Historical Society.
Lesbian filmmaker Nicole Opper's credits include producing the Emmy-nominated The Killer Within (Toronto International Film Festival, Discovery Channel), Sacco and Vanzetti (Winner of Best Historical Film by American Historical Society), and Here TV's five-part documentary series, LSS.
He worked in the history department at the University of Oregon and lectured in Indiana and China, served as president of the Pacific Coast branch of the American Historical Society, presented for the Oregon Council for the Humanities and co-wrote books on American thought and culture.
SPONSOR: The Ventura County Chinese American Historical Society was founded in December 2000 by the Ventura County Chinese American Association.
In 1986 she and her late husband, Justo, established the Filipino American Historical Society of Chicago, and in 1999 she and local artist Willi Red Buhay opened a museum on Chicago's North Side.
Kors, had decided to form the Historical Society, a new academic group "open to all who want to do serious history." Currently, the profession of history in this country is dominated by the American Historical Society, an increasingly ideological organization that stands in relation to the discipline of history as the Modern Language Association stands to the discipline of literature: namely, as a bastion of PC orthodoxy and radical sentiment.

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