American Kennel Club

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American Kennel Club

(AKC), national organization in the United States devoted to the advancement and welfare of pure-bred dogs. It is comprised of approximately 500 autonomous clubs. A delegate represents each club in the AKC's legislative body, which votes on the rules and regulations that govern dog shows and obedience and field trials. The AKC keeps a registry of recognized breeds and records the ancestry of registered pure-bred dogs in its stud book. It also provides educational materials for dog owners and sponsors rescue groups for each breed.


See the official publications of the American Kennel Club, including The Complete Dog Book (18th ed. 1992).

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In addition to theWestminster Kennel Club and American Kennel Club present Meet & Compete on Saturday, February 13[sup.
nz quoted American Kennel Club spokeswoman Lisa Peterson as saying.
The American Kennel Club, however, recognizes only 153 of the breeds.
Representatives with The National Volunteer Fire Council and American Kennel Club Discuss the Dangers of Home Fires and Provide Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe
Klein has also been a licensed judge for The American Kennel Club for 30 years, judging on both the national and international levels.
It used to be one of the top breeds in the American Kennel Club,'' she said, as her 5-year-old daughter Mary Ann cuddled Smoochy, a black-and-brown 100-pound bundle of affection.
Also, refer to the American Kennel Club magazine for a calendar of events.
Since originally joining forces in 2003, 4sight and the American Kennel Club have been at the forefront of the burgeoning pet product arena thanks to their comprehensive focus on building the AKC into a premiere retail dog brand.
The proposal said the license would be issued to dogs registered with the American Kennel Club or other valid breed organization, if their owners could show certification of passing hip, heart and temperament tests.
NEW YORK, June 15, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Kennel Club (AKC) announces the full recognition of the Berger Picard, Lagotto Romagnolo and the Miniature American Shepherd.
We were a little worried about how the officials for the American Kennel Club would think.
Select, an exclusive line of pet products featuring the American Kennel Club brand.

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