American Kennel Club

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American Kennel Club

(AKC), national organization in the United States devoted to the advancement and welfare of pure-bred dogs. It is comprised of approximately 500 autonomous clubs. A delegate represents each club in the AKC's legislative body, which votes on the rules and regulations that govern dog shows and obedience and field trials. The AKC keeps a registry of recognized breeds and records the ancestry of registered pure-bred dogs in its stud book. It also provides educational materials for dog owners and sponsors rescue groups for each breed.


See the official publications of the American Kennel Club, including The Complete Dog Book (18th ed. 1992).

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American Kennel Club Children's toys, QSR promotions
NEW YORK -- It's puppy love for the record books: The Labrador retriever was the nation's most popular dog breed last year for a 23rd year in a row, the American Kennel Club announced Friday.
HQ Global Workplaces joins a solid tenant roster which includes American Kennel Club, Reader's Digest, Sara Lee, Met-Life, AFTRA and McLaughlin & Stern LLP and retail tenants such as Chase and Bon Jour Cafe.
Sources: The Schaumburg-based American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Kennel Club and the Buddy Foundation
Dogs affected by the virus will have symptoms like coughing (both moist and dry), sneezing, nasal discharge, purulent nasal discharge, runny eyes, fever, lethargy and difficulty in breathing, according to( American Kennel Club.
There are no specific qualifications for entrants, but each participant must be registered with the American Kennel Club.
The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1917.
2 True or False: white golden retrievers and silver Labrador retrievers are accepted colors according to the American Kennel Club.
Seattle, WA, January 31, 2011 --( In response to the American Kennel Club's announcement of the top dog breeds in America, Trupanion, North America's fastest growing pet health insurance company, today revealed common health concerns associated with these breeds.
The American Kennel Club recently added the Cane Corso, Icelandic Sheepdog and Leonberger as the 165th, 166th and 167th AKC recognized breeds.
David Calderwood is a retired professional dog handler who judges for the American Kennel Club. He also has worked with the American Shetland Sheepdog Association, the Eugene Kennel Club and the McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers.
The American Kennel Club suggests the following tips to keep our dogs safe in winter weather:

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