American Labor party

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American Labor party,

organized in New York by labor leaders and liberals in 1936, primarily to support Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal and the men favoring it in national and local elections. It gathered strength in New York state and particularly in New York City and had considerable weight there in tipping the scales toward chosen Democratic or Republican candidates. After 1939 it was much torn by strife between left-wing and right-wing factions, chiefly concerning policy toward the USSR. In 1944 an anti-Communist group led by David DubinskyDubinsky, David
, 1892–1982, American labor leader, president (1932–66) of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU), b. Brest-Litovsk, Poland. He was a baker in his father's shop in Lodz (then in Russian Poland), and after becoming active in the bakers'
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, defeated in the primaries, dropped out and formed the Liberal party. In 1948 the party polled over 500,000 votes for Henry A. Wallace for President, but many members withdrew in opposition to his candidacy. Failing to poll 50,000 votes in the 1954 New York state election, it lost its place on the New York ballot. In 1956 the party was voted out of existence by its New York state committee.
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Communists enrolled in the American Labor Party and, in the party's first years (1936-39), were among the most dedicated fans of Roosevelt.
The party to which he refers - the American Labor Party - was not produced by any such parthenogenesis.
Under such cross-endorsement, votes for major-party candidates on the New Party line would still count toward their election total, so nothing would be "wasted" or "spoiled" This is what third parties did in the nineteenth century, and what the American Labor Party did in New York in the 1930s--and it worked.
Fiercely attacked by both major parties in 1946 he entered both the Democratic and Republican primaries, won in both, and ran as well on the American Labor Party ticket.

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