American Littoral Society

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American Littoral Society (ALS)

Address:Sandy Hook, Bldg 18
Highlands, NJ 07732

Established: 1961. Description:Naturalists interested in the enjoyment, study, and conservation of coastal environments. Promotes the protection of coastal beaches, wetlands, rivers, and estuaries. Conducts coastal field trips. Maintains chapters serving the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern regions. Members: 5,000 Dues: $35/year
Publications: Underwater Naturalist (periodically); free to members. Coastal Reporter (quarterly); free to members.

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We would also like to thank the American Littoral Society volunteers for data collected through their tagging program, Kristy Webber for data entry help, helpful reviews from Steve Cadrin, Mark Terceiro, and Fred Serchuk, and Ken Able for his constant encouragement to publish our tagging results.
Profile of the American Littoral Society's fish tagging program.
CONTACT: The American Littoral Society, (732)291-0055,; Center for Marine Conservation, (202)429-5609,; Marine Mammal Conservancy, (305)853-0675,; Reef Relief, (305)294-3100,; Surfrider Foundation, (949)492-8170,; WildLaw Foundation, (334)265-6529,
For information on how to contact the coordinator for beach and shore cleanups in your area, contact Barbara Cohen of the New York Chapter of the American Littoral Society at (718) 471-2166.
Barbara Toborg is the conservation coordinator for the New York Chapter of the American Littoral Society, Broad Channel, Queens.
The author, a former president of the American Littoral Society, begins with a brief overview of marine problems, and a look at the pollutants carried to the sea by rivers.
CONTACT: American Littoral Society, (732)291-0055,; New York/New Jersey Baykeeper, (732)291-0176,

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