American Nazi Party

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American Nazi Party

George Lincoln Rockwell decided that if he couldn’t be president of the United States, he could still have people saluting him as founder of the American Nazi Party.

The American Nazi Party was founded in February 1959 in the residence of George Lincoln Rockwell in Arlington, Virginia. Rather than gathering in a crowded meeting hall with hundreds of men wearing swastika armbands and saluting their new leader with a chorus of “Sieg, heils,” six people gathered in the Rockwell living room and voted to call their group the World Union Free Enterprise National Socialists. Later, they would change their name to American Nazi Party and, when Rockwell began his candidacy for the presidency of the United States, the George Lincoln Rockwell Party.

Rockwell wanted to be president, but he told his followers that first, in 1966, he would gain the governorship of Virginia. In another six years, by 1972, he would be elected president.

Rockwell’s party platform was easily defined:

  • Confiscate all property owned by Jews.
  • Sterilize all Jews.
  • Exterminate all Jews who are guilty of resistance or treason.
  • Deport all African Americans to Africa.
  • Amend the U.S. Constitution to comply with the governing concepts of the Third Reich.

Rockwell was fined and imprisoned several times. On August 25, 1967, he was shot and killed as he pulled out of a parking space in an Arlington shopping center. The assassin, firing from the rooftop of a beauty salon across the street, was a “captain” in the American Nazi Party, John Patler, twenty-nine. In December 1967 Patler was sentenced to twenty years in prison for Rockwell’s murder.

The group was taken over by Matt Koehl, who renamed it the National Socialist White People’s Party. In 1970 Frank Collin splintered the party and founded the National Socialist Party of America, which gained headlines around the world for its attempt to march through the largely Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois. In 1979 Collin’s ambition to lead a new Nazi America was thwarted when he was arrested, convicted, and sent to prison on child molestation charges.

A reborn American Nazi Party, formerly known as the European American Education Association, is based in Eastpointe, Michigan, and is headed by Rocky Suhayda. In all its rallies and public appearances, the American Nazi Party recites the fourteen words of its motto: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

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According to the report, the American Nazi Party traces its ideology to George Lincoln Rockwell, who founded a post-war National Socialist white supremacist movement in the US.
The American Nazi Party (ANP) was founded in 1959 by veteran US Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.
While Malcolm X's meeting with the KKK in Georgia was secret, his meeting with the head of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell, was very public.
banned Black, who was also a member of the American Nazi Party in the 1970s, from Britain for being racist.
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He began with a rally at Chicago's Soldier Field, one that was attended by 45,000 people, boycotted by Chicago's most influential black church leader who resented the intrusion of such a famous outsider on his turf, and picketed by the American Nazi Party. It was a very hot day, and King, who had arrived at Soldier Field in a white limousine, spoke from under a dainty parasol.
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The Chicago-based National Socialist Party of America (an offshoot of George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party), led by Frank Collin, requested a permit for a demonstration on the steps of the village hall.

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