American Negro spiritual

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American Negro spiritual:

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a religious folk song of American origin, particularly associated with African-American Protestants of the southern United States. The African-American spiritual, characterized by syncopation, polyrhythmic structure, and the pentatonic scale of five whole tones, is,
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(16.) In the preface to the Book of American Negro Spirituals, Johnson is very direct about the inability of musical notation to capture the "peculiarities" of African American performance: "I doubt that it is possible with our present system of notation to make a fixed transcription of these peculiarities that would be absolutely true; for in their very nature they are not susceptible to fixation" (30).
In his collection The Book of American Negro Spirituals, Johnson says of "Go Down, Moses," "There is not a nobler theme in the whole musical literature of the world.
Moreover, cultural reclamation projects (such as the Johnson brothers' Books of American Negro Spirituals) were symbiotically related to cultural promotional projects (such as Johnson's The Book of American Negro Poetry and Locke's New Negro anthology).

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