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paint horse:

see pinto horsepinto horse,
American light horse, characterized by large, irregular color markings—most commonly black (or dark) and white. Horses of this pattern, known regionally as "paints" [Span. pinto=painted] were favored by the buffalo hunters of the American Great Plains.
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Soon after winning the American Paint Horse Association title in July, Potwora sold Henry to a California rider.
Accomplishment: In July, Potwora, an equestrian from Eugene, and her horse took top honors in the American Paint Horse Association's Junior Horse Hunter Hack competition.
The APH types are characterised by numerous colours and coat patterns, Overo, Tobiano and Tovero markings all important to owners, each to comply before registration with the American Paint Horse Association.
The first race in the state to include an American Paint horse will take place on Saturday, September 23 at Mount Pleasant Meadows.
Bacola recently approved the request to include American Paint horse racing in the state.
Less than ten minutes away are Fossil Creek, Alliance Park, Texas Motor Speedway, and major offices for the following: Motorola, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Dillard's, Ritchie Brothers, Superior Livestock, Union Pacific, US Sprint, FedEx, State Fair Foods, American Paint Horse Association, General Mills, Southwestern Bell, Nestle, Nokia, Zenith, American Airlines, and the DEA Aviation Headquarters.

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