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paint horse:

see pinto horsepinto horse,
American light horse, characterized by large, irregular color markings—most commonly black (or dark) and white. Horses of this pattern, known regionally as "paints" [Span. pinto=painted] were favored by the buffalo hunters of the American Great Plains.
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registered with the American Paint Horse Association as "Breeding
American Paint Horse; only horses eligible for registration as American
The American-bred stallion, only recently broken to ride, was bred from a thoroughbred sire and dam who were both splashed with the striking dark-and-white patterns recognised by the American Paint Horse Association (APHA), a breed registry.
The American Paint Horse Association has 104,000 members.
Soon after winning the American Paint Horse Association title in July, Potwora sold Henry to a California rider.
A three-year-old American Paint Horse filly, Hot Shots Valentine, arrived from Texas a week before Christmas.

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