American party

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American party:

see Know-Nothing movementKnow-Nothing movement,
in U.S. history. The increasing rate of immigration in the 1840s encouraged nativism. In Eastern cities where Roman Catholic immigrants especially had concentrated and were welcomed by the Democrats, local nativistic societies were formed to combat
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Overland Monthly told its readers that the American Party evinced "a desire to have the municipal offices administered only by native Americans," by which they meant native-born Americans (Editor 1886, 551).
Top scholars offer original writings specifically for this volume as they consider state and federal parties, the American party system, and campaign finance in this new political milieu.
SOUTH American party fever came to Cardiff today as Wales' first Brazilian restaurant opened for business.
AN American party company swept-in to save 4,500 jobs and 397 Clinton Cards stores yesterday.
Neither major American party is advocating a policy of economic stimulus.
Among specific topics are a 20-year survey of Canadian attitudes towards homosexuality and gay rights, African-American Protestants and the struggle over legal rights for gay and lesbian couples, Roman Catholics and same-sex marriage in Quebec, and evidence from the 2004 US election on the politics of marriage and American party politics.
The O'Connor fight underscores the degree to which Roosevelt's 1938 bid for programmatic partisan coherence was an assault not merely on conservative elements in the "Solid South" but on core features of the traditional American party system itself--the patchworks of state and local machines, the nonideological ties of group, section, and interest.
First up were an American party who asked me to snap them, then my dad got involved, then a pair of Italians requested I act as official photographer again, then we moved aside to allow Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson to pose for personal pictures with their girlfriends and mates.
American party girl Paris Hilton and her friend, former Playboy Playmate Jennifer Rovero, appeared for allegedly smoking a joint.
AaAaAa He said the American party is committed to addressing the issue of the access of some Moroccan products to the US market such as red fruits as soon as possible.
In line with this, through a direct telephone conversation with the American party, it was decided to arrange for this game after the World Cup is played in South Africa [next summer].
Together, these two groups constitute 40 percent of the American electorate, and over the past generation evangelicals have been the biggest story in American party politics.

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