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any of several small falcons, esp the European Falco tinnunculus, that tend to hover against the wind and feed on small mammals on the ground



(Cerchneis tinnunculus), a bird of prey of the family Falconidae. The body is 31–38 cm long and weighs 160–240 g. The females are larger than the males. The back and tail of the female are reddish yellow with dark transverse stripes; the males have dark speckles above and a gray tail with a dark tip.

The kestrel is found in Europe, Asia (except the Far North), and Africa. It inhabits all zones except the tundra, living both in mountains and on the plains. In the Pamir Mountains the bird has been observed at elevations reaching 4,000 m. In the northern part of its range, the kestrel is a migratory bird. It nests in trees, using the old nests of other birds, on rocky cliffs, and in abandoned buildings. A clutch contains four or five eggs, which are incubated by both parents for 28 days. The birds leave the nest within a month. Kestrels feed on small rodents, insects, lizards, and small birds. They are useful in exterminating rodents.

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The majority of American kestrels were observed on utility wires while most ospreys were seen on a nest platform (Table 3).
Six species were admitted >30 times to the IRC, Cooper's Hawk (n=57), Red-tailed Hawk (n=163), American Kestrel (n=268), Eastern Screech-Owl (n=165), Great Horned Owl (n=191), and Barred Owl (n=85), and accounted for 94% of the raptors admitted to the center.
Energetic efficiency of reproduction: the benefits of asynchronous hatching for American Kestrels.
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Mr Wilkins said McDonagh sold two American kestrels and two little banded goshawks for pounds 900 and, had they all been sold, he would have received around pounds 26,000.
The test detected WNV in [greater than or equal to]50% of RT-PCR-positive birds of the following species: American Kestrels (Falco s7)arverius) (3/4), Northern Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis) (4/6), Common Grackles (3/6), and House Finches (Carpocus mexicanus) (7/7) but was unable to detect WNV in RTPCR-positive Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) (0/10) and Great Horned Owls (Bubo vitginianus) (0/12).
During the summer of 1981, I observed American kestrels (Falco sparverius) foraging in open fields of low-growing vegetation in Russell Valley (Nevada Co.
The commonest commuters, in order of numbers, are Cooper's, sharp-shinned, and red-tailed hawks, and American kestrels.
Abstract: To evaluate the toxicity of short-term high doses of meloxicam in American kestrels [Falco sparverius), 32 male captive-born, 1- to 4-year-old American kestrels were randomly assigned to 4 groups: 3 groups treated with meloxicam (n = 9 per group) and a control group (n = 5).
Daily sightings of red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, sharp-shinned hawks and American kestrels can be expected.
The Cascades Raptor Center is looking for suitable homes for barn owls and American kestrels that it received as babies and which are now fully flighted and ready for release.
c) American Kestrels and the Great Horned Owl were tested at 9-11 days postinoculation, with no detectable virus in swabs.

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