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river, 30 mi (48 km) long, rising in N central Calif. in the Sierra Nevada and flowing SW into the Sacramento River at Sacramento. The discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill (see Sutter, John AugustusSutter, John Augustus,
1803–80, American pioneer, b. Kandern, Baden, of Swiss parents. His original name was Johann August Suter. He emigrated to the United States in 1834, went to St. Louis, then to Santa Fe.
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) along the river in 1848 led to the California gold rush of 1849. The American is a magnet for rafters. The proposed Auburn Dam, where construction was stopped after a 1975 earthquake, is highly controversial.


elm traditional symbol of American patriotism. [Tree Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 182]
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In the current article, when lapsation rationality is assumed, we use the American option framework--the dynamic approach, according to Milevsky and Salisbury (2006)--to price the contingent claim.
When the pressure from competition is low, the operator has the opportunity to postpone the investment by several years, and thus holds an American option to defer.
Efficient Analytic Approximation of American Option Values.
When an option contract allows for exercise any time on or before the expiration date, it is called an American option.
Pricing an American Option by Approximating Its Early Exercise Boundary as a Multipiece Exponential Function.
Along with college players like Tennessee's Chamique Holdsclaw - who has no American option but to play in the WNBA - the elite ABL players could end up lifting the level of the WNBA via free agency or a draft pool although there was no clear answer on these issues Tuesday.
The horse is fine but the American option has been shelved.
The derived ITO is an American option since it can be exercised prior to expiration.
A covert operation to kill Saddam Hussein is known to have been contemplated as one American option for ridding Iraq of her tyrannical leader.
Now there will be a Latin American option in Puerto Rico.
If an option can be exercised at any time up to and including its expiration date, it is called an American option.

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