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American party:

see Know-Nothing movementKnow-Nothing movement,
in U.S. history. The increasing rate of immigration in the 1840s encouraged nativism. In Eastern cities where Roman Catholic immigrants especially had concentrated and were welcomed by the Democrats, local nativistic societies were formed to combat
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By themselves, none of these changes would have undermined the position of the American party in political life.
At the initiative of the American party, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S.
The Sueddeutsche Zeitung notes that, formally, negotiations with the American party continue, but the government of Germany has almost no chances to sign an agreement with Washington ensuring refusal from bilateral espionage.
During the 1850s, nativism and anti-Catholicism contributed to the rise of a number of new political organizations, among them the nativist and anti-Catholic "American Party" the so-called "Know-Nothings," which flourished briefly before passing from the political scene.
By the end of the meeting, the Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry expressed his hope that the new US envoy shall put the bilateral relations between Sudan and the United States as a priority in his mission so that the American party be able to help solving Sudan issues and playing a positive role in other issues of concern to Sudan.
The American party reportedly voiced appreciation for the efforts exerted by the Lebanese army in preserving stability, reiterating US commitment to enhancing the capacities of the military institution.
He also added that the American party held audit on
The 38-year-old singer was spotted in the American party capital with seven other swimsuit clad beauties and husband Stephen Belafonte, at the luxurious Wynn hotel, during a weekend off from filming on 'America's Got Talent', where she has joined the judging panel, the Mirror reported.
Following a meeting with his counterpart Jose Pedro Aguiar-Branco, Dusa was quoted by Xinhua as saying: "By the end of May, we will probably finalize documents with the Portuguese party and subsequently, until September - with the American party, so that we resume the multirole aircraft equipping program at the scale of a squadron, i.e.
The operation in Tijuana is run by Javier Perez Quintero, who claims to be an executive working for huge American party goods company Amscan.
Top scholars offer original writings specifically for this volume as they consider state and federal parties, the American party system, and campaign finance in this new political milieu.
SOUTH American party fever came to Cardiff today as Wales' first Brazilian restaurant opened for business.

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