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term used to describe material printed in or about the Americas, or written by Americans; usually restricted to the formative period in the history of the two continents. Thus the letter written by ColumbusColumbus, Christopher,
Ital. Cristoforo Colombo , Span. Cristóbal Colón , 1451–1506, European explorer, b. Genoa, Italy. Early Years
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 in 1493 in which he announces the discovery of the Indies is the earliest item. Early American books are also important Americana. The New York Public LibraryNew York Public Library,
free library supported by private endowments and gifts and by the city and state of New York. It is the one of largest libraries in the world. The library was created by a 1895 law consolidating older reference libraries established by bequests of John
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 has one of several major collections.
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Barista tip: Make sure to back-wash the portafilter before making an Americano, otherwise particles from the coffee grinder might be floating around.
Guida auspica che i registi ed artisti italo americani riescano finalmente a correggere o a eliminare insulsi stereotipi che continuano ad esistere nell'immaginario americano. Nel contributo "A Little Song, A Little Dance, A Little Ziti Down Your Pants", Guida approfondisce la storia del teatro comico, di leggero carattere italo americano, che ancora attrae, in gran numero, membri delle comunita italo americane ma anche americani di diversa discendenza.
Assim como o Rugby, o futebol americano e um esporte que exige uma variedade de respostas fisiologicas de seus jogadores como resultado de combinadas e repetitivas corridas de alta intensidade e frequencia de contatos (Pinto e colaboradores, 2014).
This is why we have introduced a longer serving size, the Americano, which is a very long and mild coffee prepared with 25ml of coffee followed by 125ml hot water.
Ao final do seculo XIX, havia um conflito de influencias entre os paises que nao aceitavam ter o seu poder interiorizado no continente americano, como a Inglaterra--representada pelos delegados argentinos--e a ambicao estadunidense de intervir nos paises latino-americanos e caribenhos.
The property offers three-quarters of a mile of Pacific coastline and a mile of Estero Americano frontage with views of Point Reyes, Bodega Head and Doran Beach.

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