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city (1990 pop. 47,198), Story co., central Iowa, on the Skunk River; inc. 1870. Its chief manufactures are electronic, water-analysis, and water-treatment equipment; motor vehicles; construction materials; and machinery. Iowa State Univ. is located in Ames and contributes significantly to the economy. The National Animal Disease Laboratory and the Iowa State Center, a large cultural, educational, and athletic complex, are also in the city.
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During the hour-long ordeal, Mr Miah was held captive by Ames, 18, Cailan Colegate, 18, who was also armed with a knife and Shaun Hession, 23, who was armed with a spanner.
Oliver Ames' sons, Oakes and Oliver Jr., took over the business in 1844 and renamed it Oliver Ames & Sons.
Ames is survived by his parents, Horace and Ruth Ames; his wife, Dianna L.
Mike Herlihy, executive vice president of Ames & Gough, said, 'For more than two decades, Bixby Insurance has been synonymous with quality insurance and risk services for design firms across New England.
"The Good Spy is a meticulous and moving biography, and Bird makes a persuasive case that Ames might have been able to help establish peace in the region....
Ames died tragically in 1983 when a car bomb destroyed the U.S.
Robert Ames, "The Good Spy" in Kai Bird's masterful biography, was a senior CIA officer killed in the Beirut embassy bombing in 1983.
For Liese, American Puritans such as Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards were reluctant to take delight in the things of the world for their own sake and, instead, pointed to the spiritual reality behind the material world; Robinson, however, emphasizes the "humanist Calvin before the theological one" and locates Ames, a Congregationalist minister who has been shaped by the writings of Calvin, in this humanist tradition (351).
For more information about NASA Ames, please visit:
Here, they offer an insider account of their own involvement in the hunt for Soviet spy Aldrich Ames, who infiltrated the CIA during the 1980s.
AMES said it supports airlines in the Middle East, the Gulf Arab states and South Asia - with the company uniquely positioned to accommodate the region's very large nacelles and thrust reversers for Engine Alliance GP7200s that power Airbus A380s, and General Electric's GE90 (NYSE: GE) engines used on Boeing (NYSE: BA) 777s.