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city (1990 pop. 47,198), Story co., central Iowa, on the Skunk River; inc. 1870. Its chief manufactures are electronic, water-analysis, and water-treatment equipment; motor vehicles; construction materials; and machinery. Iowa State Univ. is located in Ames and contributes significantly to the economy. The National Animal Disease Laboratory and the Iowa State Center, a large cultural, educational, and athletic complex, are also in the city.
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Ames had spoken openly about her struggles with mental illness in the past.
Ames is survived by his parents, Horace and Ruth Ames; his wife, Dianna L.
With John Ames as her male narrative voice, Robinson weaves three decidedly masculine biblical texts into Ames's letter to his son.
On the simplest human level, Ames was horrified by what he found in the defeated South.
The addition of the StoneHill property over the winter of 2005 prompted Ames to look at centralizing his operations.
But despite an international investigation amid fears Ames had been murdered, no trace was ever found of the child.
So in 2000, the Stanford team convinced engineer Greg Zilliac of NASA's Ames Research Center in nearby Mountain View to buy in on the project.
We are shown both sides of an outdoor handball backboard, over which a rope has been slung; Ames and Bordwin approach, grab opposite ends of the rope, and dispassionately begin to climb.
Students believing that they can succeed by their effort increased their competence beliefs and adopted learning goal orientation (Ames & Archer, 1988; Ames, 1992; Dweck & Bempechat, 1983; Harter, 1982; Kloosterman, 1988; Kloosterman & Cougan, 1994; Wigfield et al.
With the burden of our debt leverage and certain unprofitable leases removed, Ames will be better positioned to realize the strong potential of our solid base of over 400 stores.
Ames' acceptance of Bradlees product returns] has been great for the Bradlees customer, who had initially been left high and dry," Joe Ettore, chairman and chief executive officer of Ames, told HFN.