Ames, Ezra

Ames, Ezra,

1768–1836, American painter, b. Framingham, Mass. Early in his life he worked as a carriage painter, miniaturist, engraver, and decorator, first in Worcester, Mass., and later in Albany, N.Y., where he settled. His portrait of Gov. Clinton of New York (1818; Albany Inst. of History and Art) established his renown as a vigorously realistic portraitist. Among his many skillful likenesses are those of Gouverneur Morris (N.Y. Historical Society) and Stephen van Rensselaer (New York State Historical Association).


See monograph by T. Bolton and I. F. Cortelyou (1955).

Ames, Ezra

(1768–1836) painter; born in Framingham, Mass. He worked in Worcester, Mass. (1790–93), settled in Albany, N.Y., (1793), and started as a carriage painter and miniaturist. Later he painted portraits, including that of Vice-President George Clinton (1812).