Amfiteatrov, Aleksandr

Amfiteatrov, Aleksandr Valentinovich


Born 1862 in Kaluga; died 1938 in Levanto, Italy. Russian writer. Graduated from Moscow University’s department of law in 1885.

In 1902, Amfiteatrov was exiled to Minusinsk for publishing the pointedly satirical feuilleton Gentlemen Deceivers, about the tsar’s family. He wrote the novels Men of the Eighties (parts 1–2, 1907–08) and Men of the Nineties (1910), as well as feuilletons, novellas, short stories, and sketches. He emigrated in 1920 and adopted an antagonistic attitude toward Soviet power. Among the books he published abroad are the novel The Enchanted Steppe (1921) and the book Literature in Exile (1929).


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